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Following years of research and development, XTravel’s BVS technology results in a transformed suspension that outperforms any other system by eliminating the antiquated and nearly 90-year old A-arm completely from its suspension. XTravel’s suspension design mechanically eliminates all negative feedback to the steering wheel, resulting in a safer and more reliable off-road driving experience.

Upfit your team’s fleet with XTravel technology to improve your mission’s success. XTravel’s technology improves:

1. SAFETY - by eliminating feedback to the steering wheel and substantially reducing driver fatigue;

2. BATTERY PERFORMANCE - through design by absorbing terrain mechanically as opposed to electronically through power steering; and​

3. DURABILITY AND MAINTENANCE - through a robust design that can easily be serviced from the trail.

XTravel’s BVS technology can be applied to any 4-wheel vehicle in your fleet. Experience Performance Reimagined.

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