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 Xtravel™ is a technology company that is transforming vehicle suspension with its proprietary, patented BVS™ [Berardi Virtual Suspension] technology. We were founded on the belief that suspension design and, more importantly, suspension and all-around vehicle performance could be reimagined and transformed. XTravel is focused on the continuous development of innovative technology that will provide professional athletes and recreational drivers a transformed driving experience. We are committed to quality, and we proudly stand behind all of our technology and products.

Our mission is to transform the performance of off-road driving. With its innovative and state-of-the-art technology, design, and craftsmanship, XTravel’s suspension systems are disrupting the off-road industry with unmatched safety, strength and performance. We are overhauling what it means to truly enjoy off-road experiences.





John Lemkey leads the XTravel team as CEO following 15 years on Wall Street as the Chief Operating Officer of a Life Sciences-focused hedge fund.  This experience can be seen in XTravel’s intense culture, where expectations are high and often exceeded.


John is responsible for XTravel’s overall strategy, in addition to overseeing finance and legal matters, including intellectual property rights enforcement.  He has created, managed or operated numerous public and private companies, primarily in the Life Sciences industry. After being involved in multiple hostile proxy fights, corporate disputes and intellectual property matters on Wall Street, John is a fierce protector of XTravel intellectual property and inventors.




James Woodford  is XTravel’s Founder and President and is driven by a passion for the offroad industry that has burned within him since his youth. His thirst for competition and adventure in the sport captivated him in the heart of Baja, where he has been racing at the highest levels of SCORE, BITD, and CODE since 2006.


James oversees all of XTravel’s operations and corporate development. It’s not just love of the sport that guides James; over the past decade, his demand for high-quality craftsmanship and unparalleled design and performance, coupled with an expectation of authenticity and accountability from everyone in the business has brought his sky-is-the-limit vision for XTravel to life. James is a genuine relationship-builder, mentor and compassionate coach at his core.




Nestor Berardi is known not only as XTravel’s Chief Technology Officer, but also as the its resident Mastermind. Not only did Nestor teach himself computer design, but he is widely known for his outstanding achievements in seamlessly synthesizing rugged functionality in harsh offroad terrain with upscale and meticulous design.


As the inventor of XTravel’s BVS technology, Nestor is responsible for all of XTravel’s suspension design, manufacturing and quality control. The acclaimed inventor of the TrophyKart, Nestor brings 25 years of real-world suspension and chassis building experience to the XTravel team ensure the highest quality standards.

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