Our Patented Design

The Virtual Link System

The virtual pivot axis runs directly through the center of the tire, while helping to eliminate steering feedback

The floating shock link pivot creates a dynamic roll center, which optimizes traction.

Optimal steering Ackermann has been designed into the system, which allows the vehicle to steer and handle with optimal precision.

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Less Total Steering Feedback

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Less Instances of Extreme Steering Feedback

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Increased Traction / Tire Patch

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Stronger than A-Arms


Race Miles with NO Suspension Failures


Bump Steer Compared to A-Arms

Better Durability = Less Maintenance

Engineered for Durability

Reduced Parts Failure

XTRAVEL eliminates damage and part failure of critical suspension and steering components by strategically allocating load and absorption to multiple components within the system and dispersing energy and stress.

Improved Durability

The use of high-quality raw materials, from chromoly links to custom-fabricated joints, provides additional structural integrity that is not found with the A-Arm Suspension systems. 

Better Control = Enhanced Performance

Engineered for Control + Performance

Better Driving Experience

The patented XTRAVEL Virtual Pivot technology significantly reduces body roll, poor camber, torque steer, poor roll center, and optimizes traction to provide a better driving experience. VLS adjusts the suspension settings to ensure each tire maintains optimal grip. This increased traction enhances steering responsiveness, allowing for more accurate and predictable control of the vehicle.

Optimized Traction

The floating shock link pivot further creates a dynamic roll center, which likewise optimizes traction going into turns. It also permits for improved acceleration and the changing of tire size without negatively impacting geometry or steering. By independently adjusting the damping and stiffness of each wheel, the system can adapt to varying levels of traction. This allows VLS to optimize traction on different wheels, ensuring consistent grip across the vehicle.


Less Steering Negative Feedback = Improved Safety

Engineered for Safety

Prevents Driver Fatigue

By mitigating muscle fatigue, the Virtual Link Pivot system increases the driver’s endurance, allowing for extended periods of off-roading without compromising safety or performance. A lower average heart rate can contribute to reduced muscle fatigue due to several physiological factors. These physiological benefits work together to contribute to reduced muscle fatigue during off-roading activities.

Improved Safety

XTRAVEL Virtual Pivot allows a rider/driver to hit bigger obstacles that are off center, without affecting the leverage on the steering. This reduction of negative steering feedback allows drivers to have a safer experience. A reduction in negative steering feedback ensures a more consistent and predictable steering feel. This consistency allows drivers to develop a better understanding of the vehicle’s behavior, making it easier to anticipate its responses in various driving scenarios. Consistent steering feedback promotes safer driving habits and facilitates smoother maneuvering.

Aftermarket A-Arm vs. Xtravel

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