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About Us

Xtravel is a technology company transforming vehicle suspension with its proprietary, patented VLS™ [Virtual Link Suspension] technology. We were founded on the belief that suspension design and, more importantly, suspension and all-around vehicle performance could be reimagined and transformed. XTRAVEL is focused on the continuous development of innovative technology that will provide professional athletes and recreational drivers with a transformed driving experience. We are committed to quality, and we proudly stand behind all of our technology and products.

Our Mission

Our mission is to replace the A-arm with patented XTRAVEL Virtual Link Technology. With our state-of-the-art technology, design, and craftsmanship, XTRAVEL’s suspension systems disrupt the off-road industry with unmatched safety, strength, and performance. We are overhauling what it means to enjoy off-road experiences to truly enjoy off-road experiences.

XTRAVEL Technology

The History of Suspension

Kegreese Track
Automobile Suspension invented along with the introduction of Kegreese Track.
A-Arm Suspension
Single-Pivot Spindle, A-Arm Suspension invented.
Solid Axle - 4x4 Leaf Spring

Solid Axle - 4x4 Leaf Spring first 4-wheel drive, solid-axle front suspension introduced to market.

Torsion Bar Single Pivot Spindles

Torsion Bar Single Pivot Spindles, A-Arm suspension (independent front suspension) introduced to 4x4's

Twin I-Beam Front Suspension with Coil Springs Replaces Straight-Axle Suspension.
Trophy Truck A-Arms Long Travel Suspension Developed with Upright Single Pivot Spindle.
Multi-Link Front Suspension Audi Quadralink A4. For smaller packaging, lightweight aluminum linkages. More room for AWD.
Multi-Link Virtual Pivot to Eliminate Brakes from Catching on Fire. Packaging to Remove Knuckle from Inside Wheel.


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